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Thread: Migrating to new hard drive

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    Default Migrating to new hard drive

    This question is about the next phase of my installation of a new internal 300 GB hard drive. I hope I'm not breaching etiquette by starting a new thread instead of tagging onto the old one. If so, someone please set me straight.

    Thanks to Nicolas and Rick for all their help in getting me up and running. I now have the new drive working. I want to use it as my startup drive and move all the data from my two old drives (a 10GB internal drive and a 60 GB external Maxtor drive).

    Using the Disk Utility "Restore" tab, I copied the contents of those two old drives into the new hard drive, specified it as the startup drive, and rebooted. Then I unmounted the two old drives to make sure I was working only off the new hard drive.

    All seemed to work. And it all looked familiar, too. But then I noticed that I couldn't move files and folders around or delete them. Whenever I tried, the computer asked me for my administrator password. The Mac apparently doesn't recognize the ownership of these files anymore. I tried getting info on individual files, and the privileges for reading and writing are grayed out. There's no way to set it back to full privileges. Even if I could reset them, I don't want to reset the privileges on thousands of files and folders individually. (I also tried getting info on the new drives themselves, to see if I could set privileges universally on all the contents, but that option was grayed out too.)

    Can anyone please advise me on how to set full permissions for all my files on my new drive? I appreciate (sort of) Apple's desire to secure data, but this is my family computer and I really am not worried about unauthorized usage.

    Thanks very much (again)! --- Tom

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    Click on a disk drive volume icon.
    Do a Get Info.
    Make sure that "Ignore Ownership" is selected.

    However, the boot drive is owned by the system (root).
    Users has to have ownerhsip flags.

    Batchmod is an easy way to "push" ownership changes.

    Did you set up a two-drive setup? One drive has a boot partition, a second drive has /Users ?

    If user accounts are on 2nd drive, you have to tell NetInfo Manager about that.
    The old path was /Users/accountID and new is

    Most of the time it is easier to see where a thread discusson has been to know where to go or what has been tried or happened. Even if they are not related seemingly, someone begins with wanting to upgrade one item, ends up with RAM, disk drives and controller, cpu, etc. and it is all related, including how to setup new drive. Which is why there is an old thread on the subject of "Installing new disk drives" in FAQ/Troubleshooting that goes into moving /Users and such.
    Partitioning Advice
    Changing Users to 2nd drive
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