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Thread: Water damage to my powerbook?

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    Default Water damage to my powerbook?

    I have an older G4/667mhz powerbook, that my wife spilled some tea on. I have taken it and they say that the logic board needs to be replace. They said it would be around $800 to repair. That's crazy. The guys who looked at it said that alot of the after market boards do not really work to well. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed a after market board that works well, or has any other suggestions of how to fix this for under a couple of hundred bucks?

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    Default Welp, not a whole lot of choices here...

    Some of that $800 is labor, and some warranty I am sure...

    You could go to Ebay and take your chances (from a known seller of course). Alternatively you could try, or All of which offer repair parts or services. (I endorse none of the above, but merely mention they exist).

    Sorry about the accident.....and no, I would not spend $800 on it.... sell it for parts and add a few $$ to buy a new one.
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