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Thread: B&W G3 56k internal modem

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    Default B&W G3 56k internal modem

    I have recently purchased a 56k internal modem off the net for a B&W G3 but
    are a little confused as to the installation.

    There seems to be a modem connection on both the modem and the motherboard but the modem does not physically line up with the appropriate connection.

    Is there some type of cable i need to link the Two?

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    Sounds like you're missing the cable. Take a look at this:

    It's big, but it's the B/W service manual. p. 48 onward shows the modem and how to take it out, but the pictures should give you a really good idea of what things should look like.

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    Default modem

    My old G3 has PCI slots

    I just need the right PCI modem with Mac Drivers
    No extra cables internal ?
    My old external supra modem needed cable to plug into the back...
    plus 4 wire phone line for hardware hand shake (mac only)
    PC works with a 2 wire phone cable
    cable modems work with RJ45 for lan/eithernet

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