I have recently installed a Giga Designs 1.8 GHZ upgrade. Everything was working perfectly for about the last 3 weeks. Today I ran the new version of DiskWarrior from my TechTool Pro e-drive partition. As I was saving the results my computer (G4 Quicksilver) restarted by itself. When I saw my desktop the only drive there was the Mac OS X startup drive. I tried everything. Disk utility sees the drives and says they are mounted, however the icons appear as generic icons. Terminal also sees the drives. I can not get to them, or restart from my external firewire drive. The firewire drive does however mount and work fine on my wife's computer. In open firmware I can reset all but I can not set defaults or reset nvram. DiskWarrior sees the drives repairs them says they are mounted, but they do not appear on the desktop and again I can not get to them. I would appreciate any help I can get.
Thanks ahead of time,