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Thread: firewire / usb2 combo cards

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    Default firewire / usb2 combo cards

    I've tried two firewire / usb2 combo cards in my machine to try to replace an old orange micro firewire / usb1 card.

    One of the new cards was an owc generic. The other and most recent is a DLink.

    In both cases, the computer become largly unstable with the new card and usually hangs during boot. During a verbose boot, nothing comes up out of the ordinary... everything just stops.

    Any thoughts?

    PM7500, Sonnet G4 700, 1GB, Radeon 7000, 1394/usb card, SIIG ATA133, 6 HDs (600 GB total), OS 10.3.8 -- yes i know this is nuts... but fun no less

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    I had a similarly kitted out machine to yours and used a sonnet usb fw combo. it was a few years ago but I fint sonnet cards do work!

    I don't know what you use your machine for and I know it's fun upgading but I found out very quickly it's never worth it. Speed gains are nothing like that of a superior machine.

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    Yep, I really love the old world machines.
    Trying to make them jump thru todays hoops is fun but fruitless.

    Good to see you on the forums again Greentree_uk


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