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Thread: Recommend some benchmark tests

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    Talking Recommend some benchmark tests

    Hello all,

    I just got a GD 1.8GHzDP that i'm going to install in my G4 466MHz (Dig. Audio) .

    I would like to do some before/after comparison tests and post the results here but i'm new to all this and not really sure what I should do. The only test i'm aware of is Xbench which i'll try. If anybody else has a test (thats not too complicated) i'd be more than happy to try it and post the results here.

    Also i'd like to upgrade my system drive, to a larger/faster SATA, in the near future. Is it ok to install the new processor first or should I wait until I get my system drive upgraded to install it?

    Thanks, Jason

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    466 to Dual 1.8! Hang on to something that's securely fixed to the planet. This you're going to like.

    As for benchmarking, XBench does a pretty good job, you'll be able to A-B the 466 and the Dual 1.8 and see how you rack up against similar rigs (only useful in a p**sing contest). Others may have some more general benchmarking methods to suggest.

    A useful comparison in ProTools LE is the DaveC test. It's a way of testing and comparing performance in PTLE. Although it's not based on a real-world scenario, it is a way of max'ing out the CPU in PTLE.

    Create a new PTLE session. Under the Windows menu select "Show System Usage". Create 1 mono audio track. Insert the following 5 DigiRack plugins in this order; Compressor, 4-band EQ, Slap Delay, Medium Delay, and Long Delay. Record-enable the track. Duplicate the track you just created (Shift-Alt-D) and Record-enable it. Keep on duplicating/Record-enabling the track until the System Usage CPU indicator peaks red. Delete the last duplicated track. Arm Record in the Transport and hit Play. You want it to track for 1 minute without freezing and giving you a error message. If it does give you an error message, delete another track and try again. Repeat the process until you can record all tracks for 1 minute and you have your DaveC score. Nobody records with 5 active plugins on each track, which is why I say this is not a real world scenario, it's just a benchmark, but it will give you a pretty good indication of how much more powerful the upgrade is in PTLE.

    If you try this with the 466, watch how the graphics (counters, meters etc.) slow down as you approach the limit. With the Giga those graphics will still be going full-tilt boogie at the limit.

    Regarding your drive upgrade, no need to wait, installing the Giga first is not a problem.


    P.S. If you reach the 32-track limit, continue with mono Aux tracks with the same plugins. For info, my Dual 2.0 G5 scores 32+7, and if I remember aright my Dual Giga 1.33 scored about 26 (not sure of that, but I can look it up if need be).
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    Check what others have submitted and done as far as before/after:

    Also, has done some nice benchmark/reviews.

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