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Thread: audio track count - what do I need?

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    wow thanks jason for the orgy of information.

    1)I am dealing with a dealer who is not advanced on these issues as you guys. However slowly, particuarly as i hang around this forum, i am becoming more of an expert. which means among other things: they have no specific diagonistic tools for hard drive throughput measuring..

    Yes we are playing the 110 tracks inside logic 7.1.

    The dealer and I are unfortunately in different cities 6 hours apart so i am not sure of everything. But his report i am sure was using the Logic activity meters. As far as i know he does not have a way of measuring disk i/o, outside of loading tracks and seeing when the system is starting to hic-cup.

    2)you guys know so much: what is black magic decklink HD pro card....etc etc all this information, it makes my day job of mixing 400 musical parts seem easy.

    As far as i know there is nothing else on the PCI bus except the Tempo card....In another PCI slot i bought and they have installed the M-audio Revolution 5.1 PCI card for doing 5.1 monitoring.

    But the Tempo card and this card are on separate buses and should not be slowing each other down. Right? (remember i am not a hardware guy). the audio is coming out of the 8 hard drives....going straight into the tempo card and straight into the computer bus...right?

    3)Wow you actually read my bio. thank you for the compliments. However I am not "famous" in any way. I write contemporary classical music that pushes the emotional and intellectual envelopes in every way-which i am sure you gathered if you went on and read the reviews.(go to and select Paul Dolden . lots of reviews etc. ) However perhaps i gave the wrong signal when i said "I have money"...For a serious artist like this it means i can afford to buy a new system and i have money for the next few years without picking up another commission. Remember this is modern music no-one is paying big bucks for me to write avant garde music. the commissions come and go but none are the big bucks of a hollywood film composer.

    Bottom line: I have earmarked $15,000 Canadian on new gear. (exhange rate is about 20 percent)The $15,000 includes ....$2,500 for a new mic preamp (separate purchase later this summer),,,and $2,200 is for the new Apogee Rosetta 200....$2500 in software and sampling libraries,,,$500 to make my Les Paul into a midi controller....and therefore we have about $7500 to $8000 for computer , hard drives, including uping the Ram to 2,5 gig etc(other small details)..........sorry but when i said have money,,,i only meant i am not a starving artist right my earl years I was very poor though so i know what it means to suffer for your art and all those other cliches...the type of stuff that is suppose to make your art authentic for my bourgoise patrons and audience of musical $8000 what does that get me in pro tools? When you say they can do 400 tracks that is amazing but because i am curious what would it cost me for a ready to go 400 track pro tools system (just off the top of your head-i am just curious-i am not trying to be argumentative...i just see no other way than the way i am going.
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