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Thread: Imac G5 raid help requested

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    Default Imac G5 raid help requested

    Hi group, thanks in advance for any help; My question is, I have a digital tech business and I use G4 laptops and this new Imac for capture of digital files.

    I like the imac for the screen and the G5 processor, but I hate that Apple only put FW400 and USB 2.0 on it. On jobs where I cannot use the Dual 2.7 system can I use the 2 FW400 channels (I hope they are channels and not ports) on the imac in conjunction with 2 2 drive raid enclosures and run them (4 drives in 2 enclosures) as one striped Raid and back up to an external drive on the USB 2.0 port, would I see any improvement over a single FW400 drive and is it worth the extra cash to do this?

    Thanks in advance, David

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    They are not separate channels. the LaCie D2 oxford 912 offers a built-in RAID but only 25% boost. I agree, the iMac really isn't desinged for expansion and heavy storage uses. It is either PowerMac or forget any expansion. USB2 is slower than FW400.

    Just get a fast, large drive and stay with a good solid FW400. You could find 250GB drives for ~$125. Depending on needs, maybe a single hot-swap FW case and 4 drive bays or something. Or D2 with 500GB (but make sure it has beefy AC and fans). I don't keep up, but there are some FW cases, some hot-swap. Take a look in the 'Gurus store at FW cases.

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    Right. FW400 is the bottleneck, and any current fast drive will be faster, so no sense making it complex.

    BTW, this is true with all Macs; the only way to get a second FW channel and really increase throuput is with a PCI FW controller....even on the G5 towers. One nice thing about the PBooks is that you can add a second FW channel via the card slot.
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