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Thread: How hot is too hot?

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    Default How hot is too hot?

    Since I want to upgrade my personal G4 in the not too far future with a dual Giga card, I downloaded temperature monitor 2.5 to see what the current conditions are. I installed and was quite shocked when I saw temperatures in the 110 to 115 range. This system is standing in an air conditioned room which has a constnt temperature of about 75. System is a G4 867Mhz single, 9800 Pro, 2xSeagate 120GB 1.5 Gig Ram etc.

    Just for the sake of comparison, I know I compare Apples and Oranges, I checked the temperature on my work G4 which is a MDD dual 1.25 GHz with a 9600, 2x Seagate 80GB and 1 Gig Ram and the temperatures on the board is in the 140 range. (Little less for the drives) This office is not permanently air conditioned and the computers are switched off overnight. However, to me these temperatures seem a little out of conntrol.

    Any advise as to what temperatures are considered "Normal" for a G4 and what could be done to reduce them without starting to modify the system by adding a slew of fans.


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    ThermographX would help and has a chart and database.

    Hardware Monitor checks cpu and disk drives.

    both let you compare your system to others.

    I have added PCI dual fan (intake or exhaust) as well as added a fan and exchanged the 120mm fan. Room has some a/c. My MDD 1.25SP is 34C/92F.

    From what I have heard, the MDD GD upgrade runs cooler and has better heatsink and fan than the MDD OEM aluminum. The 9800 is HOT which is why it has a fan (which is known to go out). What you are seeing is normal for MDD dual.

    Disk drives should be in the 32-42C range, with a max of 55C.

    There are a number of links with photos and reports of adding or replacing fans, etc. but the easiest is to add some type of PCI exhaust or intake/exhaust.

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