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Thread: Cube and LCD Display Problem

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    Default Cube and LCD Display Problem

    Recently I got a G4/450 cube with the Apple Studio Flat Panel Display. I have two problems:

    - The DVD drive sometimes gets a little stuck. I.e. when I eject a disc, the disc tries to eject, but sometimes it only partially comes out or sometimes not at all as if something is obstructing it (i.e. the "motor" of the eject is working). Sometimes it does eject fine.

    - The power button (both on the cube and on the display) and the bright button (on the display) sometimes presses itself. I turned off the sleep option when power button pressed, so though the power button presses itself, it doesn't do anything, but for the bright button, it presses itself and brings up the monitor System Preference. Is there any way to make the buttons less sensitive or any other way to solve this?

    I run both OS X and OS 9 (i.e. sometimes I boot from 9).


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    Congrats on the Cube. You join unclemac and me as Cube owners.

    1. This may be an issue with the DVD drive. Mine came with one as well, and I saw this problem with certain brands of CD-R discs, Maxell v. Phillips. The Phillips discs were newer and would get stuck; but the older Maxell discs would eject without issue. The newer Phillips were thicker than the Maxell discs, and my hunch is that this had something to do with the problem. I never had a problem with commercial discs.

    If you're seeing the same thing then you may want either to switch brands or replace the optical drive. I put in a DVD writer and no longer have problems.

    2. This was a known problem with early Cubes, which Apple later cured by way of a gasket kit. There are two articles about this.

    The second covers the gasket kit. unclemac had this problem, and I pretty sure he solved it by just turning the gasket over. Hopefully he'll stop by and give us some insight on this issue. Mine never had this problem.

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    Hi Cubists,

    Eric is correct on all counts.

    1) I am still milking the original drive, and it occasionally is tempramental...

    2) Regarding the power button issue, yes, I disassembled the case after removing the core, to reveal the underside of the top of the case, where there is a flat cork-like washer. After quite a bit of searching of the web, I found that these are hard to come by, and some folks have had luck simply turning them over to reveal a fresh side. I did, and it solved my problem of a hyper sensitive power button that would cycle itself; the Cube would start and stop itself as though it was possessed.

    I have also read of folks sliding a piece of paper between the case and the button, as well using on of those little stick on binder-paper-reinforcement-thingies to limit the sensitivity as well.

    I do not however have an Apple display, so I am unfamiliar with fixes specific to those...does it have the same touch-sensitive (too sensitive!) design as the Cube case?

    I will be out for at least a couple days, so will not be around to assist with the procedure if you move forward is pretty simple though.
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