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Thread: Intels for Mac OSX

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    Default Intels for Mac OSX


    A little off-topic. I read these rumors circulating in the WWW that Apple is considering switching to Intel processor. If this is true what are your thoughts?

    1. Will it be beneficial to those who want to upgrade their processors because more Intel processor would be available for 3rd party manufacturers which means lower cost?

    2. Can we build a Mac clone from PC parts and select the best but cheaper hardwares?

    3.Will the price of new Macs be cheaper?

    4. Will OS X run better in Intel chips or there would be no difference between PowerPC and Intel?

    Thank you

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    Hi kenji,

    Does seem wierd - the notion that Apple would switch to a "common" processor after so much effort in RISC technology. I do think that Jobs is digging for something to go in the ibooks and Powerbooks (Minimac too) since IBM can't seem to render a G5 that has the capcity to deliver powered by a battery and in a tiny enclosed space. They seem to have upped the voltage quite a bit to get the newer 2.7Gig speed on the Powermac G5. It's water cooled because it has to be.

    I've got the sense that Intel will probably come up with something special. Apple has long banked on "thinking different." It just hasn't gained a decent marked share.

    If they do it, and it looks like they will, they will have convinced themselves that nobody gives a damn what's in it, it's all in the "user expirence." They may be right on the whole. What will we do with these old PowerPC clunkers? Another massive software change? Gawd!

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    Arrow I moved the thread

    Hello guys,

    moved the thread cuz the G586 had the same topic.

    Take a look.


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