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Thread: G3 Beige Hangs on Blue Screen with install disk

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    Default G3 Beige Hangs on Blue Screen with install disk

    Ok so now after 10 days of installing and trying to fine tune a new G4 400MHz (jumped to 533Mhz) upgrade processor a 16X Burner using Patchburn my G3 Beige has s___t itself..
    My hard drive went on me and now i can't even get the computer to Boot past the Blue start up screen with or without the Start-up disk..
    In fact i had a second smaller HD but to no avail as the boot disk won't even get to the install screen.
    I have reset pram, and cuda taken everything out ie PCI cards, memory sticks and bus cables but nothing works..
    Previous to all these new upgrades i had 9.2.2 and it was running just fine..
    I am now beginning to wonder, WHY did i start on this crusade?
    Anyway any suggestions wld be much appreciated..


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    Might help to look through the prior threads here and here as well as here

    I would never take a G4/400 and run it at 533 unless it was the new Daystar G4/533, which is guaranteed to work.

    Another thing to consider is that you need extra work with G4 upgrade and OS 9 sometimes.

    A G4 will have nearly 2X the memory thruput of a G3, meaning RAM has to run @ 1.6x the bus speed. Only use RAM that is certified as 125 MHz (PC100) or PC133.

    I don't think we know anymore or enough now that we didn't previously.

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