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Thread: Which G4 is the most reliable?

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    Default Which G4 is the most reliable?

    I'm so fed up with my G4 1.25 DP, it the second one I've had, and unexplained application quits and kernal panics are common.
    I've done a great deal to resolve the problem and want to move on. I
    really can't justify buying a new machine, but I could sell this one
    and buy a reliable used one.

    Could you please tell me if there is a rock solid model of the G4
    that would be a good bet as used machine. The most demanding apps I run
    are FCP HD and DVD SP3, I require reliability more than speed.

    Thank you,


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    Apple G5 1.8DP for $1499. Just call Apple. and check the Apple Store Specials.

    As for the MDD... most rock solid machine. Of course it is good to have the best RAM, cooling, AppleCare etc.

    There are problems with almost anything G4 and the MDD - outside noise - was the culmination of bug fixes etc.

    Folks around here - well, a number of MDD owners, as well as B&W and some in-between. I can find something wrong with any earlier model.

    For the apps you want to run, G5.

    As for selling your unreliable system... I hope you make that very clear and 'as is' or something. ie, Lemon disclaimer.

    With any problem that comes up, we always first rule out RAM. Then zero any hard drive. Check temps and fans and dust. Cables. Run Memtest and Apple Hardware Test. Software (no Norton, etc). What is hard is when a cpu is giving errors in the system log and go undetected. Or the logicboard is the issue. Some problems are USB devices or PCI card or card interaction.

    MDD 1.25DPs are dual boot and often fetch a decent price - one that would let you 'drive away' with a dual G5 of 1.8 or 2.0 probably without much stretching. (you'll have to stretch afterward of course on RAM and SATA drive).

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    Bought a cheap B&W one year ago wich was sold as is.
    Not running reliable for 100 Euros.

    Started it up and got a Bus-Error (OS9). After one day of troubleshooting replacing RAM and HD this Mac was running rock solid.

    • In many cases RAM is/was the culprit.
    • Or PCI cards or external devices like USB and FW
    • Or Driver/Software issues

    TZ said it, for FCP and stuff a G5 is best.

    But, you can get a G5 (or other PC) lemmon too.

    TZ suggested Apple Certified Refurbished wish are "proven".

    The most reliable Mac I've ever had was a Q840av.

    I had some problems with my MDD too.
    • Defective front panel board (I thought it was the Logicboard first)
    • Damaged HD's (OK, IBM VAA Series not Apples fault)
    • SCSI - MDD related things

    But, by know (knocking on wood) it is reliable.


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    I've had my DP 800 Quicksilver running 24/7 since they were introduced like 3 years ago with the only problem being the internal modem gave up the ghost about a year ago. I don't think it's so much what Machine model, as how you use and care for it.

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