I have a G5 with two internal drives. One from Apple, which I used as a secondary backup drive, and a WD Raptor that I used as the system drive. I have never had problems with the Raptor. I did have problems with the Apple drive. A couple of months ago the drive started to disappear. I called apple and they told me to push the PMU button, this go my drive back for a day or two. It the again disappeared. So I pushed the PMU and also unplugged and plugged in the power and sata cable to that drive. Again the drive came back up. This time I ran Diskwarrior and Drive 10 on the drive, no problems, but once I shut done the drive would disappear again. So I would just do the same old trick. After a while pushing the pmu button did not help, but unplugging and plugging the drive in did, until last week. So I took it in to apple. They did some testing by swapping the drive around, and after a couple of swaps, they no said the my Raptor was no longer working. They then called the next day and said that they got it working again and asked it I want to back anything up. So I take a external drive down there and they now say that the drive is not working again. So I talked to them again today and they said that they can not get either of my drives to boot up. So. I am just wondering what you guys think about this? I take a computer in with one drive that has never had any problems, and they play around with it and now it does not work! Do I have any recourse? How do I know that they did not do something to my drive to mess it up? I have called a place to see about recovering the info off of the drive, and they said it would be a minimum of $1200-$3700! Any one have any advice?