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    I fear that you may not believe me.

    I have a Dual Mirror Door G4 1.25Ghz 2G Ram. Mac 10.3.9 Server

    Last year I bought a CompUSA PCI card that has USB 2.0 and a Firewire port.

    It was not working so I removed it. At the time I also added in two IDE disk drives internally. The system would not boot. I would get various weird problems. The weirdest is that I would get the black box that said I needed to reboot but the black spinning wheel would also be there and eventually the system would boot up. Everything was fine except I did not have any firewire -- no adapters, no drives, nothing. (I also have an Adaptec Firewire 800 PCI adapter in the machine.)

    Eventually I had everything out of the machine except for the CD drive and it will would not boot (from the CD drive). I reset my PRAM as well during this process. Some of the panics would display a stack trace and in the stack trace was something about Firewire.

    So, I put the CompUSA adapter back in and *PRESTO* everything is working just fine. I went to the download site, got the latest driver and even the CompUSA adapter is working. (This is inspite of two blown capacitors on the adapter).

    Can you tell me what is going on? If I want to remove this adapter in the future, what steps do I need to take?


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    Whenever you add/remove or change slots of PCI cards, the device tree (nvram) needs to be rebuilt. Zapping PRAM isn't sufficient.

    Boot into Open Firmware and use the


    Also, try running AHT to see what gives.

    also, make sure that you set all drives to Cable Select.

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