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Thread: Didnt know where else to put this.. dual boot setup

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    Default Didnt know where else to put this.. dual boot setup

    Hi all

    Sorry to be a pain in the arse (again) but I needed some loose info on a couple of software (problems? lol) things Im going to need to brush up on.

    It's been a while since I had a mac that was dual boot capable, the last one I had before I ordered the g3 tower Ive ordered was one of the flat panel Imacs that had a 9.x lockout on it so you couldnt install 2 os's..

    So anyways, I now have all the upgrades here and ready for the g3 (512mb ram in 4 128 sticks, dvd drive, bigger hdd..)
    Id gotten so carried away with grabbing hardware tho that I forgot to ask how I do a dualie

    Ok.. I had a fiddle with my Imac once when the OS screwed up after a powercut and managed to find the boot manager option on it to partition the drive into chunks..
    However, Im not sure as to how Im supposed to go about setting up a dual boot 9.x OSX system.

    Now, let's assume I'm past the partition and format stage and have my 20gb hdd broken up into 10gb, 5gb, 5gb chunks (10gb for OSX, 5gb for OS9 and 5gb for a share drive for data) and I want to now install the 2 os's.

    To make this easier to reply to Ill add my questions now, you can ignore all of the above that was just to explain the situ

    1: Which OS to install first?

    2: now I need to install an os.. is there any specific thing I need to setup because Im planning a dual boot? or is it a mandatory OS/9/X install and then go about making it dual boot?

    3: once the OS that needs to go on first is on how do I now install the other one?

    4: once theyre both on how do i switch OS's? is it like the old days where I had 8.x and 9.x on my performa and I loaded into one and then told the system which one to boot on the next load?
    Basically on my performa id boot into OS8/9 and then go to the hard drive where there was a thing that I could then choose to reboot into 8/9. and then once Id booted into 8/9 I could then pick the other one and reboot into 8/9.

    Hopefully someone can make sense of that mumbo jumbo LOL

    TIA and thanks for all the help you've offered me up to now.

    I truly appreciate it

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    Typical, I spend hours searching the net, come up empty handed and decide to make a post here, then find this.

    LOL sorry

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    Sorry to have missed this thread. ohh I was sleep at the time you posted this. Let us know if you have more questions about it. You only have 1 hard drive? I would get a 2nd drive. Much more easily setup. Your drive heads are not running all over as many different places to partitions, applications, data. The data will have a smoother, faster transfer with 2 drives because you can separate Apps/data to a different bus or at least drive and then you have a "real" backup emergency drive.

    But if using only one drive how big is it? OS X will need more room (unless you strip it down).

    Use Disk Utility with your OS X and startup with it . Put it in the computer and hold the "c" key on restart and use the "Disk Utility" application, format and partition the entire drive with it "CHECK INSTALL OS 9 DRIVERS"

    If you only have a 20 gig hard drive things will be tough. It is also important to keep drives maximum of ~75-80 percent full (or less) or you might have problems with corrupted directories. OS X is much different than OS 9 in the way it works with HD space OS X uses the extra space for swap files and such. CD or DVD burning? You will need the space. I just gave my OS X an extra 20 GB after figuring the OS X size and my applications sizes.


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    Which G3 tower are we talking about? And the new bigger drive?
    "illegitimis non carborundum"

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    Sorry I missed this, been busy

    The mac came today, and it's a g3 blue and white.

    It currently has a 12gb hard drive in it, but Im going to change it for a 20gb hard drive assigning a couple of gb to 0s9, 6-7 to osx and the rest as a data storage area for both os's.

    Problem is, the mac didnt come with any cds..

    I had a os 9.1 cd that I made from an image a friend sent me ages ago, but I cant boot from it no matter what I try.

    The files are all on it but I suspect I didnt burn it correctly and now I cant boot from it

    Does anyone know if there is a way for me to take the files from the 9.1 install cd I have and create a working bootable cd that I can install 9.1 from?

    Any help is appreciated, Im kind of up the spout at the moment because it would seem the mac came from a business and has an admin password on that I dont know.

    I emailed the seller asking for it but its been 3 days and no reply, I would suspect his ignorance means he doesnt know it.

    I cant afford to buy any software at the moment because my budget is pretty tight.

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