Today I added two more Gurus 1GB RAM sticks (CL2.5) for a total of 6GB RAM. Added a UL3D-066 to a 100MHz slot. Installed the necessary ATTO software. Also cloned the OEM drive to a 300GB SATA MaxLineIII-16MB cache drive on the mobo bus via Tiger Disk Utility Restore. Before rebooting I repaired permissions on the new drive and did the Repair Disk which found one thing that I think would have prevented booting the new drive. Then selected the new drive and am using it as my primary drive and the OEM WD is my backup.

Ran the Apple Hardware Test Quick Test, this time the same two drives but 6GB RAM which took 15m:24s compared to the previous Extended Test 1h:40m:03s, then compared the RAM sticks info and the new Gurus ones are exactly the same. k