Is there a escalating pattern here
TZ has talked me into an APC
TZ's recommendation
TZ nagging
TZ pest
TZ urging me unmercifully
I will not do a "told you so."

If Nicolas's statement about memory the new 2.7 works better with RAM that the first unit rejected, or because it was running off cleaner power, I'm not sure. Or both. I have heard someone else attribute RAM problem to UPS (one person thinking the UPS was the problem, someone else, that it was the USB connection and/or software. Under Panther you need PowerChute, under Tiger, it just duplicates and doesn't add anything that Energy Saver doesn't already do or show, no added feature that I saw.)

I was introduced to UPS after a storm or power outage killed our mainframe and it took a week to "put it back together."

I've seen too many modems get fried in these parts, or equipment connected to phone system, that I do recommend something. For me, no modem would be a severe blow and I had a phone get fried once. I have backup modems, backup routers and switches, as I rely on the internet for food and a number of items that are hard to get or that I am unable to do for myself. I almost never leave the house at this point.

The battery pack, during a power outage here, not for the computer, but for lights, TV, even to give the refrigerator a half hour to protect food if need be. When power went out a couple times, I ran a cord to the basement while waiting to see if the tornado watch was going to be something more. And a whole lot more comfortable than sitting in the dark with a flashlight.