Delivered yesterday to go with a 23" Cinema HD display. I purchased some extras but essentially 512MB RAM (CL3), Radeon 9650 w/ 256MB VRAM, and 250GB WDC WD2500JD-41HBC0 8MB cache drive.

Last night and this morning. I ran some tests: Cinebench for G5(beta). Altivec Fractal Carbon, and Xbench.

I then removed the OEM RAM and installed 4x Gurus 1GB sticks with stickers on the sticks that say CL2.5 and Tiger System Profiler confirms as 25330. What a deal at the Gurus Store. Thanks Rick, Gurus RAM works flawlessly. Again with the 9650 and now with 4GB RAM, I reran the three tests ending with an Xbench score of 399.86 running a RAM disk.

Tomorrow I hope to install a Radeon X800 XT ME and run Cinebench and Xbench again. Altivec Fractal Carbon is a CPU intensive test and gives me the same score regardless of RAM amount. Will summarize results afterwards. But what a sweet machine.

Then I plan install a UL4D. At some point will run Boot's Pshop Test with Pshop CS2. Have not decided on a SATA card yet. k