Has anybody run Motion 2 on a G5? I was apprehensive after reading all the tales of horror on the Apple Support forums but most of those seemed to be related to not having religiously repaired permissions, or not having done probably ever an Open Firmware reset, or upgrading from Motion to motion 2, or finally that Apple still has some work to do. So I bit the bullet and purchased it. And I am impressed with its capabilities as well as, so far, it works and works fast.

At Rob-ART's suggestion, I went to Motion Mark Benchmarks and followed the instructions for both tests. The RAM Preview Test average was 18.88 seconds.

The 100 Frame Export Render Test is puzzling. All of the listed results are Motion 1 results in Panther and the best is about 18 minutes. My results with Motion 2 and Tiger is 2 minutes 14 seconds averaged for 6 runs with a reboot between each. I have emailed the author but it looks like Motion 2 is way faster than Motion 1 for this test. Anybody with Motion 2, a G5, running 10.4.2 see if you see the same? k