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Thread: Quadra 800 won't boot just 8 notes sad tune

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    Default Quadra 800 won't boot just 8 notes sad tune

    1. I have a failed Mac IICI & IICX as well as a Quadra 800 motherboard. The IICX and Quadra 800 use an Astec Power Supply while my IICI uses a GE powersupply. It was not clear to me on your IICI whether the two supplies are interchangeable since they have the same Apple Part No. but part no. differs with the manufacturer. Could you clarify this and could you suggest sources to obtain a replacement power supply that is feasible for such an classic Macintosh? 2. I had a working Quadra 800 motherboard but suddenly failed that the screen does not lite and the speaker plays 8 notes, a sad sounding tune. Can you shed some lite in troubleshooting. I saw a website that says the battery could be the culprit for such a symptom. Is this a possibility? 3. When I move the working hard drive that was in the Quadra 800 to my IICX (power supply replaced with identical Astec power supply to replace failed IICX power supply) the IICX operates but runs slower than heck with 12 Meg of ram. 4 I have a Apple video card in the IICX part no. 820-098-A7 which only displays in B&W on an Apple RGB monitor model M0401. I can't find any useful info on the video card. Is it capable of displaying color and if so how do I correct the problem. Thank you for any input.


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    Default OldS Cool

    Hey Tom,
    Sounds like you are having fun with the old machines.
    I have several oldies here FREE for the shipping if you are interested.
    None have been booted in years...may have problems
    Centris 610,
    Performa 450,
    Performa 405,
    Also several Asanti NuBus network cards,
    Rasterops Video card...
    Several old small SCSI HDs
    lots of old 72 pin Simms and such...
    Let me know, if you are interested in any of the above...


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    Default Extra hardware

    Yes I would be interested. Thank you.

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