Greetings all. I have posted this to a developer forum elsewhere, but thought I'd better bring it to the Gurus, as well, because I know that I'll always get good advice on things like this, here from the Masters.

I'm not a developer, and don't even play one on TV, but thought I'd turn here for a little help from some of you who are, or at least from someone who speaks Console-log-eese.

Today, after doing a couple of Audio related updates (HydraTone Critical Update, and Logic 7.1 Update), I restarted, and ran Cocktail to do a full house cleaning (all routines except for Clean Caches), mainly in order to have it repair permissions. Cocktail is set to automatically restart the machine after it finishes its' run. Coming back to the computer after about a half an hour, the screen was black, although the computer seemed to be running. I could not get the screen to respond. So I forced a shutdown (holding the Power button), then restarted again. It booted fine, and I again ran Cocktail, just doing Prebinding and Repair Permissions. This time, all went well, as it usually does, and the machine rebooted.

I looked in my Console logs for any clues about what might have happened. And I found the following entry from the failed boot attempt. Most of this is stuff that I never see in my logs, so I imagine it was a one-time-only thing. Still, I'll post it here (well, evidently I can't.. see note below), in the hope that someone can look and tell me if there is anything obvious that I could do to keep problems from happening again, or at least to better my performance. Of particular note, I thought, was this entry:
May 2 17:27:22 localhost kernel: DigiIO has a funnel lock. Whoa momma!
I have never seen an entry that actually says "Whoa momma!" but I now notice that it happens in each one of my startup logs. Does this indicate a problem with DigiIO, and is there anything I can do to fix it? Does that appear in other users logs? Also, the RS232 Serial start notation looks interesting, but I don't know what this means.
May 2 17:27:17 localhost kernel: AppleRS232Serial: 0 0 AppleRS232Serial::start - returning false early, Connector or machine incorrect
Also, note the entry:
May 2 17:27:28 localhost SystemStarter: The "HasShadow" window property is obsolete. Use CGSSetWindowShadowAndRimParameters(cid, wid, 0.0,0.0, 0,0, CGSNoShadowStyle) to turn off the window shadow instead. Set a break-point on CGSLogMessage to find out where this property is set.
It says to "Set a break-point on CGSLogMessage to find out where this property is set," but I have absolutely no idea where that is, or how to do it. Is this an entry I should be concerned about? It seems to be in all my System Logs, also. I try to stay out of any activity in Terminal, because I don't know enough about it to keep from screwing things up horribly.

I tried to post the log here, but I get an error message saying that it's too long. So... If any of you are interested in taking a look at the log file, PM me with your email address, and I'll be more than happy to email it to you.

Thanks. Cheers.