Hello all,

Been forever since posting but I've encountered a strange problem and need some advice.

I recently did a repair exchange with Lacie on my Electron Blue 19 crt for some random issues... white point randomly changing and a horiz flickering. They sent a replacement monitor out but now I have these two issues...

1) The monitor will not go to sleep when the computer sleeps. It will however sleep if the computer is off. The screen just stays white when cpu sleeps.

2) The computer cannot detect the monitor. Before, the control panel would name the monitor as well as give available resolutions for monitor, also the colorsync profile was already in the list. Non of that - display cp just says vga.

I have tried re-plugging everything in, resetting open firmware to no avail. Computer thinks it is a generic vga display. Never had this problem before and the junker monitor I used during the repair/replacement worked fine.

Any suggestions?

2002 QS dual 1Ghz
1 GB ram
GF 4 ti