I am running in Panther 10.3.9. B&W/Gig of Ram/G4 500mhz processor upgrade.
Before I upgraded to 10.3.9 I was using 10.3.2.
The problem is that I have a PCI Sonnet ATA 133 card connected to two 80 gig Seagate 7200 Barracudas. When I made the OS jump, one of the drives connected to the Sonnet disappeared.
The drive I could see functioned with no problems.
I ran Diskwarrior and it could see the missing drive. I rebuilt the directory for all drives, used Disk Utility to repair permissions, went to the Sonnet Site and got the latest firmware for the card.
Used the OS 9 Boot disk (not classic) and installed the latest firmware update. Booted back into OS X and both drives are now visible and useable. Shut down my computer overnight. Start up in the morning and the drive is gone. Shut down, zapped the pram, and the drive reappeared. Decided to use Disk Utility to raid the two drives. (they will be media drives for Final Cut) . No problem. The raid is working fine.
Same thing, shut down computer overnight and the next morning no raid to be found in the finder. Zapping the Pram doesn't work this time.
Run Diskwarrior and it can see the Raid, but it is not accessible through the finder.
I'm stumped.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Everything else is working sweet on my machine.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Bruce