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Thread: Copy and paste from web page problem

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    Default Copy and paste from web page problem

    Trying to select all, copy, and paste from a web page to a word processing doc and maintain original formatting - no deal, the images are all dropped and only text remains. Any way to do this?

    Have tried from Safari and IE, going to MS Word Vx, Appleworks 6, even Powerpoint. I can print and save as .pdf ok, but I need to manage page breaks and etc, and so want editing capability. Using an emac, OS 10.3.4



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    Have you tried save to rtf or html instead?
    I use OmniWeb and Nisus as well as AbiWord
    HTML has a lot of code that will get in the way.
    I'm not familiar with Word V or MSIE (Gates-free system except for WMP).

    MacFixit Office Forum - macro/script to reformat pages.
    Nisus Forum: copy/paste in Nisus

    You aren't alone in this. That is why I think upgrading everyting would be one step, to Word 2004, to 10.3.8/9, etc.

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