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Thread: Looking for a FW adapter that supports sleep

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    Default Looking for a FW adapter that supports sleep


    I am looking for a Firewire 400 PCI adapter for a Quicksilver 867 which will not interfere with the computer's sleep pattern. I have just bought a Belkin F5U503-APL, but this card keeps the mouse on standby and the fan twirling. Needless to say, it is right back out of the computer now. I want something that will allow the Mac to go into deep sleep so that I don't have to shut it down at night.

    An suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use Sonnet Tango and no trouble. There are others. And vendors may change and cards that didn't once may. There is a complete G5 PCI Report that covers sleep/deep sleep issue that should also help with your G4. Check

    Some USB devices, 3rd party, can be troublesome no matter what card. FW800 cards all seem to disable sleep but as long as you are using FW400 you should be safe.

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