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    Lightbulb PshopTest

    A free hardware test routine is available specifically for Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4:

    PshopTest is designed to aid the user in becoming better acquainted with factors affecting the performance of Adobe Photoshop. It's purpose is to provide comparisons based primarily on hardware and system configuration which are important factors in the pursuit of Photoshop "optimization". By testing with commonly-used filters and processes in Photoshop, the user can acquire important "real-world" feedback helpful in the quest to optimize performance within a particular system configuration. The results of PshopTest can help a user learn to minimize or eliminate factors negatively affecting performance.

    PshopTest2.2 works with Photoshop 7 through CS4. It's a Photoshop Action with the extension .atn, and must be loaded into the Photoshop Actions palette prior to testing.

    PshopTest2.2 requires proper preparation of a test file, the Photoshop program, and Mac OSX prior to testing.
    It also requires the user to actively participate during the test by using a stopwatch or other timer, and recording the test completion time.

    Download PshopTest2.2:

    252k zip file

    254k Stuffit file


    PshopTest2 Version History:


    * changed the test routine to a Photoshop Action, insuring greater overall accuracy, and eliminating the user requirement to time each test step with the built-in Photoshop timer.
    * requires the use of a stopwatch or a watch or clock with a second hand.


    * minor editorial and graphic content improvements to PshopTestUserGuide.


    * the re-sizing of the copy of the test file is now a semi-automated process within the Action sequence prior to the timed portion of the test.
    * the end of the timed portion of the test is indicated with a message, rather than requiring observation of the "bullet" in the window Close button.
    * certain Energy Saver preferences must be changed during the "System Preparation" phase.
    * substantial revisions to the scorecard and the user guide.
    * a separate quick-reference sheet is now included.
    * a separate file size and resolution chart is now included.


    * minor modifications to the Action sequence prior to the timed portion of the test.
    * minor editorial revisions to the quick-reference sheet and the user guide.


    * test file chart now includes two Large Document Format (.psb) sizes.
    * fixed file size errata on test file chart and in the user guide.
    * minor editorial improvements and clarifications in the quick reference sheet and the user guide.

    PshopTest2 (final version)

    * minor editorial improvements in the quick reference sheet and the user guide.
    * graphic and editorial revision of PshopTestScore.

    PshopTest2.1 (final version)

    * certain System Preferences settings have been standardized and incorporated into the test preparation.
    * the test now requires a restart between the preparation and timed portions of the routine.
    * for better consistency and accuracy, the test Action now includes a built-in pause between each step of the timed portion of the test.
    * the user guide has been updated, edited for content and shortened.
    * the score sheet has been updated.

    PshopTest2.2 (final version) released September 2007

    * updated for CS3 and CS4.
    * added a second "pause" option (60 seconds) for slower systems.
    * the user guide has been updated, edited for content.
    * the score sheet has been updated and simplified.
    * scoring has been slightly modified for additional accuracy.
    * "PshopTest2.2.pdf" has been updated.
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    PshopTest2.2 is now available, updated for Photoshop CS3 and CS4.
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