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    Default Mail troubles

    I have two problems with Mail 1.2.5 on OS 10.2.8 - probably related, but I'm not sure. First, when I try to open Address History, Mail "unexpectedly quits." Second, I have two sent messages that refuse to be deleted. There's a message saying "The message from <my name and email address> concerning <subject line> has not been downloaded from the server. You need to take this account online in order to download it." The account is online and has been all along (cable connection). I've quit and reopened, shut down and restarted, repaired permissions, trashed various, preference folders all with no results. any help gratefully accepted!

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    Cool Hi there.

    Where are the pieces of e-mail which you are unable to delete held? On your system or with your ISP? I was using MSN for a while, and found I was slowly accumulating mail I couldn't delete. It was being held on their server, and they told me their system wasn't always recognising my address, and therefor wasn't responding to my instructions (to delete). I didn't understand this at the time or now. It was one of a number of issues I had with them. Anyway....... Since the problem by their admission was with their server, there wasn't much I could do. Soon enough I dumped 'em and went with an ISP of better repute.
    Just a thought. Good luck.
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