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Thread: Dialog box, "You have to restart your computer...."

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    Default Dialog box, "You have to restart your computer...."

    Twice in the past two days, my Mac has dimmed its screen and popped up a dialog box reading, "You have to restart your computer...." followed by instructions about how to do that. It was in a bunch of different languages in addition to English, so it would appear to be from deep within the system, as though the poor thing was no longer sure of its own default language. Running the usual array of utilities does not prevent it from happening again (DiskWarrior, TechTool, Cache Out X, rebuilding permissions with Disk Utility). Can't find anything about it on Apple's Web site. Anyone got a clue?

    The Mac is my heroic 1997 Beige G3 upgraded with an XLR8 G4 500, 768MB genuine MacGurus RAM only one year old, Ratoc FireWire/USB 2 card, Apple 10/100 Ethernet card, and MacRadeon card pushing a second monitor. The dialog box appears on the screen from the built-in video card. It's driving three external FireWire drives (hhmmm... just noticed one did not mount) and an external FireWire DVD burner.
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    Acutally that dialog indicates a kernel panic. Try searching for that.

    If you open up Console you can find the panic logs, which may help you narrow things down. But it takes a certain technical expertise to be able to decipher them.

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    Default No Evidence Yet in Console

    I looked in:

    Hard Drive/Library/Logs/various folders

    and read all the logs in Console, but found not a single entry about a crash from today. After the second crash, I turned on Console's preference to automatically display crash logs. Crash reporting was already enabled.

    Are you saying that in the event of a kernel panic, the words "kernel panic" will appear in the log?

    What kinds of things cause kernel panics on a machine that had been unfailingly stable?

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