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Thread: DVD-Ram not mounting image

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    Rolleyes DVD-Ram not mounting image

    Hi I am trying to get an Apple DVD-Ram by Matsushita installed on my B+W G3/400, but it will not mount the disk image on the desktop, and when I click on Apple DVD player, I get the message that the hardware required is not installed, but the System profiler does show the device, although it says there is no driver with it. I'd appreciate any suggestions. This is an IDE device, and the existing CD-Rom is an ATA. Is there a conflict there?
    Thanks in advance, Trout

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    assuming you are using OS9, the B&W needs a ATI 128 with the DVD/MPG sandwich card installed for DVD playback or a Radeon card.

    For using the DVD-RAM there was a software called DVD-RAM Tune Up by Software Architects. Toast supports DVD-RAM too.


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    Question B+W DVD response

    Hi, Thanks for your response. I'm not sure what the card is in the computer, but will check it out. The computer came with OS 8.6 on it, and a 8.5 Apple disk came with it. Using the CD-Rom that came with the B+W I cannot get the computer to startup from that disk, nor from a copy of an Apple "for internal use only" 9.0, and 9.0 update duplicate disks that came with another mac. I had been able to start up from those two and install them on a couple of other macs. That all makes me wonder if I should buy an official 9.2 or 10.2 or 3 disk to install on the B+W.
    Thanks for your considerations,

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