I have a mac 8600 with a 9600 mother board installed, OS 9.2 . SONNET G3 400 Megahertz CARD. IX Ultimate Rez video card, Adaptect AHA-2439UB2 scsi PCI card, 19 gig Seagate cheeta drive. Two digital 8 track Layla recording cards installed in the PCI slots, USB 1.1 CARD. After a few test runs and about 1 hour of recording time the drive became corupted. My mac could not see the drive. There was a warning sign that said drive unreadalble! Now I would not think this so unique however I also have a standard (mac) scsi drive with a 2 gig seagate drive hookup and that to is behaving the same exact way? Please someone help I just want to record!