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Thread: G4 Powerbook as a Server?

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    Default G4 Powerbook as a Server?

    I have a Mac consultant setting up some remote access capabilities as well as establishing a server for mail and file storage, I'm a digital photographer.

    The consultant suggested that I get either a used or refurbed G4 tower to be the physical server. I suggested that my backup 400 Mhz TiBook that no longer goes out into the field might be a better (cheaper) choice.

    Consultant says that 24/7 operation of the TiBook will cook it in no time. I told him that the thing has been on for almost four months without a restart or shutdown running iTunes the whole time. I'm the sole user so it's not like the thing will be running like an e-commerce server.

    The conflict here is that I don't want to spend on a new box and the consultant doesn't want me calling him on a weekend crying that my network is toast.

    Who's right? Will a 400 Mhz work as server or not?

    Stephen Kennedy

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    Hello stickinc,

    what OS should it be running on?

    Well, those PowerBook ATA drives are not made for 24/7 use.
    You can connect an external FireWire drive, like the FIREVue with a new, faster ATA Hard Drive.

    I had an 600MHz iBook and running it 24/7 would be a bad idea.
    Your PowerBook should be alot better but, I never had one.

    An used B&W with a new SCSI hard drive like the ST336607LW would be the better server I think.



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