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Thread: DiamondMax10(300gb) as Boot or Storage?

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    Default DiamondMax10(300gb) as Boot or Storage?

    My inagural post...this forum is impressive!

    I've got a Seagate 7200.7 160GB and a Maxtor DiamondMax10 300GB inside a G5 tower. Primary uses are audio and video. One will be Boot/Applications drive, the other for file storage and scratch (no partitions, though). Would it matter which drive served which role? Does the 16mb of the Maxtor make it better suited as Boot/Apps or Storage/Scratch?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Store that audio and video data on the Maxtor. It will do a superb job either way, but your needs to keep data moving all the time are higher with streaming media than even OS and apps.

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    I've got both drives...and with xBench, the 160 does 48mb/sec while the Diaomondmax does 70mb/sec. Seems logic would dictate the Diamondmax for scratch and video over the more modest system boost if you used the faster drive for apps/system. But hey...I'm a newbie

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