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    Ran it twice on 512MB file size (2183.7 res, 273.8MB Finder starting size, 512.0MB Pshop size after opened), Finder size after test completion 388.8GB.
    Mac Model: G5-2.7GHz DP
    Mac OSX version: 10.4.8
    Video Card(s): ATI Radeon X800XT ME 256MB VRAM
    Display(s): 23" Apple Cinema HD Display, 1920x1200, Millions
    PCI Card(s): 2x SeriTek/1VE4 in 100MHz slots, Fw800 card in 133MHz slot
    Installed RAM: 8GB
    System Settings notes: Activity Monitor running: N, Internet: Y
    System Volume
    Hard Drive info: 279.5GB SATA Maxtor MaxLine III, 7L300S0, Spotlight Y
    Volume Name: 7LMIII-16MB, Partition Number: 1 of 1
    Volume Formatted Size: 279.5GB, Available Space: 144.8GB , Used Space: 134.7GB
    Disk Driver Software and Version: Apple DU 10.5.6, Journaling: Y
    Users/Data Volume
    Same as System Volume
    File Save Volume
    Same as System Volume
    Scratch Volume
    4x150GB WD1500ADFD, Firmware 2x 00NLR0, 2x 00NLR1
    1xSeriTek/1VE4, Spotlight N
    Volume Name: 4xRaptor150GBRAID, Partition Number: 1 of 1
    Volume Formatted Size: 558GB, Available Space: 558GB , Used Space: 0
    Disk Driver Software and Version: Apple RAID DU 10.5.6, Journaling: N, 128KB stripes
    Only differences from Test1 are Data Volume and File Save Volume are the RaptorRAID. Scratch Volume still the RAID Volume
    Same as Test2 except file sized 1.5GB
    Same as Test2 except file sized 3.0GB
    Same as Test2 except file sized 6.0GB

    Photoshop Version: CS2 9.0.2
    Adjusted Refresh Plug-in: N, Bigger Tiles Plug-in: Y, Image Cache: 6
    Photoshop Memory Settings
    Available RAM: 3072MB, Max Used by Pshop: 100% = 3072MB

    1. I added the fact that for all of the tests I used RAID 128KB stripes.
    2. Keeping the System Volume out of the test mix in Test2 does make a difference, especially since it is 48% full, and even more full during the test.
    3. The test runs great Boots. Very nice and thoughtful work. No complaints at all.
    4. The 6.0GB file size test, 60s pauses, took somewhat longer than tested before, previous best 1859s, but I always used an 11 or 12 drive RAID. 85s more is a small price to pay for simplicity of a 4-drive RAID and more foot room.
    5. For most of the 6.0GB tests, 60s pauses were more than ample, longest I saw was 40-45s of activity after the Progress window disappeared. That is until I got near the end of the tests. For instance, Convert to Profile and Convert Mode. But the 60s pause timer is smart. In Convert Mode:
    Progress window closed, 67s later disk activity stopped, another 45s it went on to the next step. So 60s pauses were good for me because the start of the pause did not start when the Progress window closed.
    6. My calculations for the 6GB test with 60s pauses:
    Total test time 45m24s = 2724s, 13x60s pauses = 780s
    2724s - 780s = 1944s
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