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    Default Sample PshopTest Results

    Last two tests run according to 1.0b4 docs. All tests calculated according to 1.0b4 PshopTestScore doc. I may have to edit this if I find any errors. It looks daunting but after a couple of tests, I got the hang of it and is straightforward. I have some more advanced tests that Boots wants me to run.

    Ran Pshop 7.0.1 for TEST1 and TEST2, and Pshop CS demo 8.0 (8.0x119) for TEST4, TEST5, and TEST6. Installing the demo is not recommended unless you plan to purchase CS or the CS upgrade from 7.0.

    Note: the only differences between these tests:
    1. In Step 10, Relative Colorimetric (default 7.0.1), Perceptual (default CS 8.0).
    2. TEST1, TEST2, and TEST4 with single DiamondMax10-16MB 300GB PATA drive with Apple driver, capacity 279.35GB, available 279.29GB (empty).
    3. TEST5 with 2x DiamondMax10-16MB 300GB PATA drives with Apple RAID, single volume, available 558GB (empty).
    4. TEST6 with 2x DiamondMax10-16MB 300GB PATA drives with SoftRAID 3.1.1 RAID, two volumes, first volume capacity 100GB, available 99.96GB, with 64KB stripe unit size (empty). Second volume about 458GB and not used for the Pshop tests.
    5. All tests, DMax drives on Acard 6885M, separate channels for each drive where RAID used.

    All tests GigaMDD

    TEST1(7.0.1)**TEST2(7.0.1)**TEST4(CS 8.0 demo)**TEST5(CS 8.0 demo)**TEST6(CS 8.0 demo)
    Activity Monitor Update Frequency all tests 2s
    Cache levels all tests 4
    Available RAM TEST1-1879MB (7.0.1), TEST2-1881MB (7.0.1), TEST4 thru 6-1879MB (CS)
    Max used by Pshop TEST1-50%=939MB, TEST2-70%=1317MB, TEST4 thru 6-70%=1315MB (CS)
    Test file size 512MB - 2183.5 (for all tests)

    1. Open=14.3s**14.5s**8.4s**8.5s**8.5s
    2. Rotate Canvas 180=46.9s**14.2s**4.6s**4.6s**4.6s
    3. Apply Image=14.0s/29.2s**7.3s/8.4s**6.8s/7.7s**5.5s/6.5s**5.4s/6.3s
    4. Save=4.7s**5.0s**4.6s**4.4s**4.2s
    5. Canvas Size=10.3s**2.6s**2.1s**2.1s**2.1s
    6. Auto Color=3.0s/5.7s**1.8s/2.7s**1.9s/2.7s**2.0s/2.8s**1.9s/2.8s
    7. Gaussian Blur=9.3s/17.2s**6.2s/7.1s**6.8s/7.6s**6.8s/7.6s**6.8s/7.6s
    8. Sharpen=10.5s/26.7s**3.3s/4.2s**3.1s/3.9s**3.1s/3.9s**3.1s/3.9s
    9. Save=5.8s**5.8s**5.3s**5.1s**4.4s
    10.Convert to Profile=20.0s/53.1s**15.8s/16.0s**15.1s/15.1s**15.1s/15.2s**15.1s/15.1s
    12.Convert to RGB=27.1s/36.0s**21.6s/21.6s**20.7s/20.7s**20.9s/20.9s**20.9s/20.9s

    LineA. Operations Total

    Re-draw Total (not average)=TEST1-84.0s**TEST2-4.0s**TEST4-3.3s**TEST5-3.5s**TEST6-3.4s

    Operations Total=TEST1-225.1s**TEST2-76.8s**TEST4-64.4s**TEST5-63.6s**TEST6-63.3s

    LineB. Save Total=TEST1-31.2s**TEST2-31.7s**TEST4-29.6s**TEST5-27.9s**TEST6-25.5s

    LineC. Open and Save Total=TEST1-45.5s**TEST2-46.2s**TEST4-38.0s**TEST5-36.4s**TEST6-34.0s

    LineD. Test Total=TEST1-270.6s**TEST2-123.0s**TEST4-102.4s**TEST5-100.0s**TEST6-97.3s

    GigaMDD 1.42GHz DP dual boot, 10.3.7, GF4ti, 2.0GB RAM. Pshop 7.0.1 (TEST1, TEST2), Pshop CS 8.0 demo (TEST4, TEST5, TEST6).

    TEST1-Pshop 7.0.1 50% memory assigned. Boot and Pshop drive on 120GB 180GXP-8MB (dual boot volume) ATA/100 bus, capacity 115.02GB, available 70.37GB. File and scratch volume: DiamondMax10-16MB 300GB PATA drive on Acard 6885M (only drive on the 4-channel card), capacity 279.35GB, available 279.29GB (empty).

    TEST2-Same as above except 70% memory assigned.

    TEST4 thru TEST6, Pshop 8.0 CS demo. Boot and Pshop drive on 120GB 180GXP-8MB (dual boot volume) ATA/100 bus, capacity 115.02GB, available 70.04GB (installation of CS). File and scratch volume: explained at the top of this post.

    LineD is the bottom line total for results. The biggest difference for me was upping the Pshop RAM from 50% to 70%. CS also yields a large difference. Further honing at 70% RAM in CS, as you can see, not a lot of difference for these tests in striping the 2 drives with Apple RAID, just too large a volume and unable to partition. SoftRAID does allow partitioning and showed a better total decrease and could be important if larger file sizes are used. One single fast file and scratch drive and CS however are sufficient for my use of Pshop. k
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    First off, Boots thanks for all the effort in creating a very thorough and useful test. I ran it twice to compare using a FW drive to hold a work file vs using an internal Raptor 36GB to hold a work file.
    Some specs: G5 2.5, OS 1.3.7, stock video card, 3GB RAM (memory allocation 100%), scratch is RAID 0x4 (Raptor36GB on Sonnet 4x4PCI card). DW showed all drives at 1% files out of order or less before running the test.
    Results of 512MB test file:
    Operations total(FW) 32.9
    Operations total(Raptor) 33
    Open+Save total(FW) 67.4
    Open+Save total(Raptor) 32.8
    TOTAL SCORE(FW) 100.3
    TOTAL SCORE(Raptor) 65.8

    Predraw scores were identical in both setups so the score difference reflects the slower open and saves on the FW drive. Compared with Kaye's results the G5 was at least twice as fast on all steps except for opens and saves, where the Raptor was within a second or less either way and the FW drive was considerably slower. I'm pleased with the results and later will try a memory allocation of 70% and see if that alters anything.

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    Nice A.D.
    Thank you for using the test.

    If you can, do try the 192MB test file size at 70% and 100%.

    My tests on G5 show at smaller file sizes, 100% allocation slows things down.
    It seems to be that above certain file sizes 100% is faster-
    But don't assume with CS that 100% allocation is fastest all across the board.

    I'm planning more tests on this to get to the bottom of this particularity- I'm not yet sure of what's up with that..

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    Rumors are rumors....but I heard that Adobe is likely to release CS2 in the next few months. I'm waiting for the move from 7.0


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    I ran Pshop test with the 192MB file at both 70% (1.261MB) and 100% (1.803MB) RAM. Any speed differences favored the 70% allocation but the overall test scores were only 1 second apart. Auto color, Blur, and Convert were anywhere from .1s to .4s faster at 70%. It is interesting that allocating less memory would be measurably faster and if you get an answer out of Adobe I'd love to hear it. But given that both tests came in just over 2x as fast as the 512MB test, I'm content to stick with 100% and actually get some work done
    192MB results:
    Operations total (70%)=14
    Operations total (100%)=14.9
    TOTAL SCORE (70%)=28
    TOTAL SCORE (100%)=29

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    A.D. Thanks for running those tests...Confirms my results.

    You might also want to check out this thread also for an interesting FYI:

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