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    Default Macworld SF 2005

    Went to Macworld today. The Expo only used Moscone Center South Hall so smaller than previous years. Had lunch with Rick and a hardworking assistant Brain. Not the order I visited but alphabetical:

    1. Adobe - I was interested in a show special to upgrade PShop 7.0.1 to CS and hopefully CS 8.1. They said it will be awhile before 8.1 is ready like mid-year at best and no specials. However he said that B&H Photo had a show special on CS upgrade so I went over there and sure enough thru 1/23 online I can order it $150, about $20 off Adobe's price. . Adobe did give me a couple of CDs, one called Toybox which is demos of the entire mac line. The other is called the Russell Brown Show, a collection of PShop tips and techniques.

    2. Allume Systems - purchased Stuffit Deluxe 9.0 updater for $32.54.

    3. Alsoft - DiskWarrior, no updates and not until they get their hands on Tiger will they know if the current version works or if they have lots of work to do.

    4.Apple - a ton of Mac minis and iPod shuffles. Also a lot of Tiger previews as well as the iLife '05 applications going, and iWork '05, and Final Cut Express HD. No array of PowerMac G5 models that I could find.

    5. ATI - I was interested in a Macworld special preorder of the X800 XT Mac Edition. No such luck and none of the other cards at a special price beyond the recent lower prices.

    6. ATTO - nothing new for the consumer and no specials.

    7. Belkin - I was just curious. Got a large catalog and they have some 50% off specials at but it looks like the high end hardware.

    8. Canon - just interested in their latest cameras (i have two now) and their CanoScan 8400F since I just purchased one and have yet to open the box. No show special on it and they did not have one at the show.

    9. Epson - just browsed thru their printers to watch them in action. Georgous color photo printing.

    More later. Boss says dinner time. k

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    Default More Macworld

    10. eZedia - for several years I have stopped by to purchase add ons for iMovie and iDVD. This year I was talked into eZediaQTI. Drag-and-drop technology for creating web sites, online presentations, interactive movies and internet banners without HTML programming knowledge. Show special $49.

    11. FirmTek - stopped by to see ataMan and see their new SeriTek/1V4 (internal connectors) and SeriTek/1VE4 (external connectors). He demoed the 1VE4 due in mid-February connected to two of their new 2-bay SATA external enclosures with 4 Maxline 300GB drives. 20% off some show only specials.

    12. Granite - stopped by to see Kenny but he wasn't there.

    13. Griffin - I was interested in their PowerMate as more full featured than the iMic. Lots of stuff on show only specials except the PowerMate.

    14. Kensington - have used their trackballs for years and they have a new look and new line. But the 4 button trackballs still do the same things I was told.

    15. Lexmark - was not at Macworld.

    16. Micromat - just nosed around being curious. Have their Drive10 that came with the Giga upgrade for my MDD.

    17. Microsoft - I did not look this year.

    18. NEC - Some beautiful LCD displays, awesome color, up to I think it was 40" I saw. Only one CRT but it was an expensive one. I asked some questions about comparing response time between a CRT connected to a VGA port and an LCD connected to a digital port, any CRT, not their expensive CRT. I was surprised to find out that any CRT is currently many times faster than the digital LCD, up to about 10x faster. But the gap is narrowing with technology improvements to the LCD.

    19. OWC - even their presence was smaller but I went to get a look at specials, many of them, and saw OWC Larry.

    20. Prosoft - just to see their latest offerings such as Data Rescue. Forgot to ask about specials.

    21. SoftRAID - just to say hello to Mark James, have him meet Rick, and pass along a hello to Mark from TZ. He said hello back to you TZ. He now has a CD of SoftRAID.

    22. Sonnet - just a pass thru to see how business is going. Pretty busy.

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    on the landline, Mr. Smith


    Nice Kaye. I saw and did almost the same, plus an extra focus on all the new enterprise stuff, both from Apple and all the third party guys. A few noteables -

    Breecehill Integrity. This is backup on crack. Fast, smart, redundant, and versatile. ALOT to digest, but here is a little tidbit...

    When data needs to be restored you want your backup system to work efficiently and reliably. INTEGRITY uses a meta-data catalog to keep track of the backed-up data stored in each storage vault. A query to the storage vaults works on the same principle as when you send a query to an Internet search engine. The storage vault catalogs respond almost instantly with information pinpointing the exact location of the required data down to its position on the storage media.

    Multiple redundancies are built into an INTEGRITY storage vault's catalog. Should failure occur, upon re-initialization the storage vault will attempt to utilize the catalog paged in its host's hard drive. If this copy is deemed unusable the system will restore its catalog from a backup copy. In a worst case scenario the catalog will be restored from an index partition on each unit of media or it will scan the media in its entirety.

    The resulting benefit is a system that responds immediately when you need it most, and resurrects itself quickly and efficiently in the case of catastrophic failure.
    Powerful stuff.

    Bakbone Netvault. Another enterprise level backup solution making its way to OS X.

    SAN/NAS Support Large capacity libraries and high speed tape devices are easily shared within a domain. With DirecSAN support you can share media and libraries between multiple nodes to distribute backup operations while increasing data throughput and reducing network load.

    Virtual Disk Libraries (VDL) Backups can easily be sent directly to a local hard drive or SAN attached disk subsystem for improved performance during backup and recovery. VDL staging can minimize the impact on your network and act as a buffer, to ensure device streaming, when it's time to copy staged data to tape.

    LAN-Free Backup NetVault's advanced architecture speeds backups directly from servers and clients to tape drives across a SAN. Share all of your library tape drives among multiple backup servers and clients. NetVault™ also allows LAN-free backups for non-SAN environments.
    • SATA. Saw SATA drive enclosures at quite a few venders. Saw a blurb from Kano about new SATA II enclosures too. Good stuff; glad to see it catching on...really glad to see Firmtek with new product too. Talked to someone at the Firmtek booth that said a card was in the works with internal and external ports. Yes!

    • Newish Apple web stuff: ITPRO. Nothing earth shattering, but nice to have the "big" hardware and software news and info all cosolidated.

    • Tiger Server Preview. Lots here, much of which is available for preview at Apple.

    One of the senior server engineers verified that the ACLs will match those of Server 2003 exactly. Big news, because as good as Panther is, folks still have some permissions issues when using 10.3 Server with WIN clients. With matching ACLs - at least theoretically - 10.4 Server should be very seamless when used as a file server with WIN clients. The question was asked: "What happens when an older Mac (or any other box without the matching ACL level of permissions) accesses files on the server?" The answer was that if there are no ACLs, then the underlying default UNIX based permissions are applied. So it sounds like the bases are finally covered here, after waiting about 3 years.

    Also found out that failover Ethernet Link Aggregation is built into 10.4:
    Ensure faster and more reliable network performance by combining multiple network interfaces to make them behave as a single interface with the the same Ethernet address, the same IP address and the same host name. Designed to work with IEEE 802.3ad Ethernet switches.
    Got verification that this is live and on the fly; multiple NICs will actually change their MAC addresses automatically and without a reboot. Imagine unplugging one of two or more ethernet cables and replugging it into a different switch on a live server, without so much as opening a control panel, and no traffic interuption. Wild.

    • Why wait for 10.4? Buy Link Aggregation now from Small Tree. These guys were at MWSF last year too, but several new goodies now, so they seem to be do well and carving out a market niche.

    Portlock Storage Manager. This one is a little tough to wrap my brain around; allows one to install a new image remotely on a machine while booted to a CD, as long as the HD is formated and the Mac is has an network connection. Supposed to be shipping the Mac version in April. Planning to test...

    Way past my bed time....gotta run!
    "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining." -- Jef Raskin

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    Hello guys,

    nice infos.

    Thank ya both.

    BTW after waiting 3 weeks I finally got my new Sony 23" LCD today it's awesome.


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    When you get a chance, would you email me at my MacGurus address? I have a question for you. k

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