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Thread: Can't install DVD Player on G4/466 w/ex DVD-R-RW

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    Default Can't install DVD Player on G4/466 w/ex DVD-R-RW

    Hello All,

    I recently bought an external DVD-R-RW drive mainly for my G4/466 and would like to be able to use DVD Player on it. Problem is the DVD Player software doesn't recognize the external drive? and will not allow me to install it. I tried to copy and paste but no luck there. Any ideas??

    It works great on my iBook G3/600, but them it came OEM with a DVD player, but for several reasons not the lease of space I'd like to be able to use it on my desktop.

    I'm using OS X.3.6 with Toast Titanniun 6, Jack the Ripper 2.0.2 and either DVD2oneX or Roxie's Popcorn. Any suggestions on installing DVD Player on my G/4 or which is better between DVD2oneX or Roxies Popcorn would be most welcome. I'm using these to back up software before the kids finish them off. I've actually caught my youngest using them as frizzbees, wheeeew


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    I don't have first hand knowledge but I understand that you need PatchBurn

    Now there is an ongoing thread at about reader's experiences with DVD2oneX and Popcorn. For some one is better than the other. Have not tried either but I do have Popcorn now. k

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