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Thread: Power Macintosh G4/466

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    Default Power Macintosh G4/466

    Does this model support dual processors?

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     Most AGP* and all Digital Audio, GigaBit Ethernet and Quicksilver G4s can accept and use Dual Processor Giga Upgrade cards. There are no issues to installing a dual cpu upgrade in a single processor G4 motherboard. They will all benefit equally well. Overall performance is incredibly enhanced with multiprocessors which are supported by the Mac OS in general computer operations. Most flagship applications are written to take optimal advantage of dual CPU architecture giving you a tremendous boost in performance with the Giga Designs Dual upgrades.

     *Note:If you are upgrading an early AGP Graphics G4 model you will need to determine if your system is dual compatible. You must have a Uni-N revision of 7, or greater, for your system to utilize both processors. To determine your uni-N please follow the directions under the correct section below. For OSX users, download This Utility to determine your Uni-N Revision. For OS9 users go to Giga Instructions page to determine your AGPs ability to accept Dual CPU upgrades.

    I would go for the M5D-1213Q which is the G4 7455B.

    G-Celerator DUAL 1.33 GHz for 133 MHz G4s M5D-1213Q $649.00
    NEW Dual 1.33 GHz 7455 Processor. For all Digital Audio and Quicksilver G4s. MultiVoltage board. Should ship around 10/22 or 10/25.

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    The 466 is a Digital Audio model and will take any Dual Giga Upgrade with a model number ending in Q

    Just about identical to a Quicksilver motherboard, that computer will REALLY be enhanced by a dual processor upgrade!

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