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    Question screen capture

    Been meaning to ask this for awhile.
    When I was using OS 10.3.9, I used a program that let me take a screen shot of a movie file.
    The process was to find the movie shot I needed, then click save to desktop.
    I believe the captured shot was saved as an .jpeg.
    Can then be opened in PS .
    Was fast and slick!

    I have gone thru countless CDs and DVDs to NO avail ..... trying to find a back-up.
    I need to find something like that or better.
    Have done searches and many choices are available, but the program that I used was FREE WARE!

    Not interested in trying by buying.

    Got any ideas?
    What I'm asking is probable nothing demanding, but really simple.
    Thinking someone around here has done the same thing at some point!

    Any takers?

    thanks, h

    ps. if this should be in another thread ...... somebody please move it there!

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    Quicktime 10 in 10.6 Snow Leopard does this

    In older OS X you're gonna need Snapz Pro for that.

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    Jing it baby!

    Does require 10.4.11 though.
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    I'll check those out and be back!

    Thanks, h

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    Thumbs up

    After checking on those sites, I was lucky and found this:
    Have been using it for a few days and give it a BIG "thumbs - up".

    Can do very simple capturing of many basic operations quite well!
    I believe this is a "must have" in your bag of tricks.

    Best part is ...... it's FREE!

    Can be had for OS 10.3.9 / 10.4.11.
    Has a high score rating.

    Be sure to check this out!

    Thanks for your help, h

    ps: wouldn't be surprised if this program shows up in OS 10.6!

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    Screen captures? I use the commands "command+shift+3" to capture the entire screen, and "command+shift+4" to do a screen shot of a selected area (it gives you a marquee to drag around the portion of the screen you want).
    These drop the captured image onto the desktop as .png files.
    These have been in the OS since....forever, I think.

    These commands won't let you capture images from copyrighted material, so I use a freeware app called "capture me" which does the job quite nicely.

    (Edit- the OS won't let you capture from a copy-protected source such as a DVD movie. Just to clarify.)
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