Hello all,

I am looking to buy a usb2 card and thought it might not be a bad idea to opt for a couple of firewire ports as well. I would like any feedback or experiences on using these cards/what brands that support deep sleep (understanding that it may come down to what is plugged in). Currently no issues with deep sleep.

I am also curious about the OWC card...


Only $29. Got to be a catch. Anybody had experience with this card. I emailed tech support and have to date received any answer and this particular card doesn't seem to be in AYM's database. The picture seems to have the NEC chipset but nothing definitive.

Any other suggestions?


Quicksilver 1.0 DP 10.3.4
1 GB ram
GeForce4 Ti
Tempo ATA133
GeeThree Sweet Multiport (love this guy and the price dropped to $50 right after I bought mine)