I have a TiBook G4/867 that I recently picked up that refuses to awake up from sleep. I've tried resetting the Power Manager Unit, zapping the PRAM,
repairing permissions, etc., but it's a no-go. I've also tried logging in as root, but I run into the same problem, which makes me think that it's basically a hardware issue. I've checked with the former owner, a good friend of mine, and he said that he used to put it to sleep all the time & never had this as a chronic problem, although it did occur like maybe once a month or so.

When I got the PowerBook from him I swapped out the stock hard drive with my 5400 RPM drive. Could this be a factor here for some reason? Also, are there any Energy Saver preferences that I could trash? If so, exactly what is the name of the preference that I'd need to look for?