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Thread: lost access privileges to several partitions

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    Default lost access privileges to several partitions

    I was experiencing performance problems with a drive that has 7 partitions with OS 9.2.2 on one OSX Jaguar on another, and multiple installed variations on another - 9.1, 9.2, 9.2.2. These were setup so i could easily drag copy the various systems on other drives.

    I booted from on of the OS9 partitions and drag copied 9.2.2 onto the troubled partition. It booted but i noticed irregularities and proceeded to drag copy and earlier version of OS9.

    More problems until i could no longer boot from any of the OS9 system partitions and only the OSX would boot.

    System is an 8500 with G4/400 upgrade. Drive is a 120G Maxtor connected via Sonnet ATA133 Tempo card.

    I took the drive out and placed into a Firewire 400 dual bay enclosure and connected to my G5. All partitions mount however 4 of the 7 partitions refuse me Access Privileges.

    How can I get around this?

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    Thumbs up get info -> change privileges

    Turned out to be as simple as going into Get Info on the partition and discovering i could change Ownership & Privileges from that window. Why it had changed on some but not all the partitions remains a mystery to me.

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    Since it is so easy to do wholesale permissions changes it is also easy for them to get corrupted. Happens now and then, especially since OS9 runs roughshod all over them.

    And that's a lot of partitions. Having a 120 GB on an 8500 is kinda like living by yerself in a huge mansion. All those rooms and no idea what to put in them

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