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    Help! I'm a poor student and disaster has struck. Two weeks ago water was spilled on my Aluminum G4 powerbook. It was off at the time, though being recharged. Some water splashed onto the keyboard. I attempted to briefly restart it and everything seemed to work ok except for a clicking sound that sounded mechanical and not electrical. I took the laptop to a tech service where they did a spill cleaning as well as replaced the DC board and input. However, it didn't boot up when they tried to restart it. They then sent it to Apple repair who stated a new logic board is needed through a tier 3 repair. Can anything be done aside from shelling out over $1000 here?? Thanks!

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    You may very well need a new logic board, which can make sense since it doesn't take but a static discharge to kill one and you could have done significantly more than that with a drop of water. You should get a second opinion of the cost seems unreasonable though.

    I don't know if they will do the job but you might contact XLR8. They are now a APple Certified Repair Center and have access to everything. He frequently has motherboards at bunches less than Apple. Refurbished is always available as well. Try emailing and see what he has to say.

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