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Thread: G3 Minitower w/OS 9.1 not starting

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    Default G3 Minitower w/OS 9.1 not starting

    I had been having an issue of no audio for a couple years and finally got around to re-seating the audio card last weekend. I went from having a working, but soundless machine to one that sometimes booted up... because I thought the issue was the audio card (based on months of trawling the web for info), I bought one (eBay) and before it arrived, yesterday, the machine stopped booting up all-together--not good as my wife needs the machine for her home business.

    Last night, I installed the replacement audio card and the problem still wasn't fixed--a bit frustrating

    I don't have a back-up machine and can't afford to purchase a replacement... so I need some suggestions on what the problem could be and how to fix it... I've heard that replacing the PRAM could resolve the issue, but I want to be sure before I throw more money at the problem.

    When I power up the machine, I get to the OS 9.1 screen and that little "working" bar that fills in only goes a short distance and stops.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    A PRAM battery lasts a couple of years, less if it isn't getting power. An Open Firmware reset is almost always first step in troubleshooting. Buying parts off eBay or even elsewhere can be a mixed bag, including changing the ROM (which I don't advise).

    Boot into Open Firmware via Command, Option, OF keys on startup, followed by:


    Machine will reboot. The "init-nvram" is Beige G3 specific command.

    sometimes it is necessary to let a system discharge fully, no power, no battery, for 24 hrs - in rare cases.

    So... sometimes it boots? but not always, and not reliably? What about when you boot from the OS 9.1 CD?

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