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Thread: Stupid novelty disk stuck in disk drive

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    Default Stupid novelty disk stuck in disk drive

    Dear all. I'm new to this forum and come to ask advice and wise counsel from anyone who knows how to get a novelty oblong shaped CD out of the disk drive of my iMac? Thanks to Brent Council and their wonderfully shaped way of providing recruitment information I can't get the disk out and can't get anything else to go in. Is there any DIY solution to this, or can you recommend a reputable Mac Repair company in the Kilburn, London area?


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    What have you tried?

    There is one old standard way to get stuck discs out: At startup, hold down the mouse button. That usually ejects (removable media).

    Just noticed this -- you can execute an eject CD command in open firmware.

    But if there's a physical problem, so that you need access to the manual eject button, then we'll need to know which iMac you have. They have different optical drives, so different locations for the manual eject (if there is one).

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    What OS are you using that would help? A 9.x or a 10.x

    Drag icon to trash? Paper clip trick? Something in here ...

    Gotta be a way.

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    I have seen this too.... I am pretty sure there is no (easy) way to get it out. The way the slot load mechanism "grabs" the CD can't handle these little disks from hell. You would have the same problem in any car stereo stereo too.

    I can walk you through getting the CD ROM out of the imac, but I don't know a lick about retrieving the CD itself. Pretty sure you need to disassemble it, which may kill it.

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