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Thread: 40Gb HDD in iMac 266MhZ. OS wont boot

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    Default 40Gb HDD in iMac 266MhZ. OS wont boot

    I had to replace a 6Gb HDD in a lime iMac 266. I partitioned the HD and installed the OS, (tried 9.1 and 8.6), and they install fine. upon restart, the drive will not boot. I have checked the jumper and it is set for master. I have changed the partition size from 8Gb to 6Gb to 4Gb and to less than 2Gb. The OS just will not boot.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Make sure the *first* partition is 8GB or less - I do 7.9xx to be sure - and your OS is installed on it, not the second or third.

    The rest can be whatever you like. Easiest to just do volume 1 at 8 or less, and the rest for volume 2 - storage.

    Master is critical on the jumpers. Not all brands and models are the same, so verifiy Master for sure.Other than that, you should be good. Verify your cables are properly seated as well.

    How about firmware updates? I am not aware of any that affect the size of the drive you can use, but good to be current, no matter what.
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    Unless you are talking about OS X, you can partition it any way you like and put OS 8.6+ on 1st or last, but about OS X, due to 8GB which includes any hidden driver partitions, I allow 0.5GB which is the most I've seen.

    What is /was the drive initialized with? No matter which OS, I'd use the latest Drive Setup from OS 9.2.2, which is 2.07. There are some 40GB drives still being made, but I wonder if this was a used disk drive? Next time you initialize it, before installing anything, run the Test Function on the drive.

    Battery is okay? Do you have Disk Warrior? I like to run DW (2.11) to fix the hfs wrapper on older (B&W and earlier) systems, as well as boot blocks and root creation date.

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