Greetings all. I bought a Graphite ibook the other day for a very good price, the only issue being that the previous owner had installed a new 20 GB hard drive in it, to upgrade from the 6 GB stock drive. He informed me that ever since then, the trackpad didn't work, but that he used it primarily as a desktop machine, and had a USB mouse for it, so not a huge deal. <br><br>Well, I got too looking at it, and I took a few pictures <a href="">here</a> so that you can see what I am talking about here.<br><br>
He fairly obviously just broke off the plastic snap that holds the ribbon cable for the trackpad in place. But, my question is, since the snap is the only piuerce broken, if it were wedged back into place, doesn't it seem like the trackpad would still work? The clip that clips in is still there, but one side of it is broken as well, so it might just not be making a tight connection? Anyone out there have any experience w/ anything like this? Other than this issue, it works beautifully in 9.2.1, but I am thinking of throwing X on it to try it out some more.<br><br>Thanks!