Yesterday i was on safari (via a trusted airport connectin) and it locked up. I couldnt force quit or antyhing, frozen i held down the power button to restart. after it powerd down i went to restart but it couldnt. it wouldnt get past the gray apple logo.
im running 10.3.3 on a G3 400 with a 1 gig of ram.
it has been ROCK SOLID for a bout a year, till now.
I just installed the latest security update and felt it didnt finish installing, but how do you tell software update to re-install something?
has anyone had/heard of any issues with the new security update?
(Security Update 2004-05-03 vers 1.0)
or mabey its sumpin with my video card... cuz the monitor will not even come to life...
i cant even get it boot up off any drive or cd's it seems like it finally just died...