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Thread: Internal HD Replacement

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    Default Internal HD Replacement

    Usually I don't have problems like this but I've never gotten down to the nitty-gritty with a laptop before.

    I have before me two Pismo Powerbook G3's. One is dead with a good hard drive, one is good with a dead hard drive. What makes sense? transfer good HD to good Computer.

    however, my problem is that I never transfered a HD from a powerbook before. I've got the orange data cable seeming soldered onto the Hard Drive. How do i remove it without damaging anything?

    Any help would be uber-appreciated


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    Default Upgrading Powerbook HD

    I have made this upgrade twice--wish I still had the Pismo but I had to sell it.

    My question to you is this: have you pulled the drive and bracket all the way out of the chassis?

    I don't recall the data cable seeming to be soldered, but it is routed under the drive in such a way that unless you pull the drive bracket and drive all the way out you may not be able to remove it. When I upgraded the drive in a Lombard it was no problem, but when I did it with the Pismo the processor card was in the way and I couldn't remove the drive until I took out the processor.

    don't know if that helps


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