Just saw this on MOSR about the iMac mini CPU and just thought, hmmm could this future CPU be turned into a B&W upgrade....

"However, one interesting tidbit that keeps popping up is the possibility that this is the machine that will feature IBM's PowerPC 750VX "G4" processor we've all been hearing so much about for the past two years. The promise of an enhanced IBM G3 core with AltiVec and many other features that handily beat the daylights out of the Motorola PPC 74xx G4s, with multi-processor support and based on a 90nm process has captivated us for a long time, just as the thought of a revived G4 Cube has. "

"The thought of the two together is even more delicious. The 750VX offers clock speeds in excess of 2GHz and outperforms a comparable PPC 7457 by 30-40% thanks to a 1MB on-chip L2 cache and most importantly, no Motorola anywhere to be seen. It will also consume less power and heat -- in fact, Apple sources have repeatedly hinted that the "iMac Mini," whatever its real name ends up being, could include a dual-processor version. "

Though most likely too late now